Wales’ Tourism Rebirth: A Social Media Success Story

Wales is one of the UK’s greatest publicity success stories and its achievement hinges on both the boom in investment in the area, as well as the hard work put in by the marketing teams of hundreds of restaurants, tourist attraction and B&Bs. Marketing teams across Wales have made the difference when it comes to promoting the region and its thanks to them that millions of tourists now flock there each year.

Of course, historically speaking, Wales has been a popular tourist attraction for some time now, but it’s safe to say that until recently its heyday has been firmly in the past. A quick trip to the coast of Wales is all it takes to get a glimpse of the Golden Age of Wales’ tourism complete with Victorian promenades and expansive beach-side hotels. Left to flounder during Wales’ dip in popularity, some of these ageing establishments have been given a new lease of life in recent years thanks to some savvy social media marketing that has transformed Wales from a ‘has-been’ destination into a shining hub for UK tourism.

We’ve lifted the hood on Wales’ success to see how it’s managed to undergo such a significant change:

Foodie Explosion


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Remember when ‘going out to eat’ essentially meant picking between pizza, Indian, Chinese or the pub? The food industry has undergone a real cultural change in the last 20 years and it’s safe to say that Wales has benefited from this! As tastes within the UK have become more refined, the restaurants in Wales have been able to change with the times. Restaurants such as Sosban & the Old Butchers and the award-winning Penally Abbey are two examples of fine-dining restaurants that have made a splash with their innovative food and smart marketing.

Boutique B&Bs


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There was a time when accommodation options in Wales were limited to run-down hotels and even more tired caravan parks, but thanks to the boost in interest that Wales has received, fresh investment in the area has led to smart new places opening all across the country. Head and shoulders above the Travelodges and Premier Inns are the stylish boutique hotels that have cropped up in all the major tourist towns of Wales. Stand-outs include the classy Rooms at James Sommerin and Brown’s in Laugharne.

New Generation of Attractions


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Forget about the run-down pleasure beaches and fairgrounds that you might associate with Wales because it has lot more to give now! Wales’ best modern attractions take advantage of the numerous spectacular natural (and man-made) landmarks that the country boasts. Surf Snowdonia, the UK’s only artificial wave pool is set within the striking environs of an old quarry, whereas the thrilling Zip World Fforest offers an exciting day-out for the whole family all set within a lush Welsh forest.

What’s Old is New


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Thanks to continual re-investment, much of what was old in Wales has now been made new. Many of the battered and abandoned hotels on the North coast have been refurbished, tidying up the beach fronts of dozens of towns and bringing new jobs to the areas too. As much needed tourism has returned to the area once more, councils have been able to re-invest their earnings back into infrastructure, smartening up High Streets and promenades that haven’t been touched for decades.