The Role of AONB Designation in the Planning Process Workshop

On 27th February 2013, AONB Planning Officers and others with a planning remit in their partnership met to discuss:

  • The National Planning Policy Framework 2012
  • Use of AONB designation in planning decisions and at appeal
  • AONB Management Plan Review 2013/14
  • Welsh Government Report “Delivery of planning services in protected landscapes in Wales 2012” and
  • Impacts on the delivery of planning services in AONBs by the restructuring of Local Authorities and AONB teams

By the end of the workshop participants had had the opportunity to explore:

  • The status of AONB designation in planning post NPPF
  • Lessons learnt from the LUC study of Protected Landscapes and planning in Wales
  • Planning issues relevant to AONB Management Plan Review
  • Approaches to strengthen the duty to have regard for AONB designation
  • Follow on events and support to AONB s engaged in planning work and
  • A range of common issues for AONB teams engaged in the planning process

Copies of all presentations and supporting material can be downloaded from the right section of this page.