Must-Visit Castles of Britain

One of the biggest draws for tourists from outside the country is the centuries of history that is still visible to this day. Royalists are often the first to point out the major pull that the incumbent Royal family has for foreign tourists, although it’s arguable that without the success of their predecessors they wouldn’t have anything near the clout that they currently have.

Regardless of what you might think of them, it’s arguable that the castles built and occupied by our monarchs over the centuries are a bigger draw than our current rulers. There are dozens of castles in various states of repair that can be found all across the UK, some of them have been preserved by English Heritage and the National Trust, whereas others have been left to ruin. A visit to one of these grand places offers you a chance to step back in time, not to mention get a breath of fresh air!

Dover Castle

Open all year round, Kent’s Dover Castle is a veritable treasure trove of historical sights and sounds, including a Roman lighthouse, Second World War tunnels, a Norman keep and even 13th Century siege tunnels. There’s so much to see here that you might consider staying the night in the Serjeant Major’s House which sleeps six and comes complete with its own garden and views of Dover itself.

Warwick Castle

At 950 years old, Warwick Castle is no spring chicken but it’s remained in remarkable condition thanks to the extensive conservation work undergone by its owners, Merlin Entertainment Group. There’s plenty to learn about whilst you’re there, not to mention a host of exciting shows for the family during the Summer. Regular jousting competitions are a real sight to behold, whilst Bird of Prey shows and one-off evening events offer something a little different for visitors.

Windsor Castle

The sometimes-home of the current Royal family is within spitting distance of London making it a fantastic day out for anyone looking for a day-trip out of the city during their visit to the capital. The castle grounds and building are truly breathtaking, exhibiting a range of architectural styles that run the gamut from 11th-century Norman through to lavish 19th-cenutry State Apartment. The castle has been besieged and survived fires as recently as 1992, but has remained one of the prime examples of English castles.

Arundel Castle

Open from 2nd April through to the 3rd November this year, Arundel Castle is home to close to a 1000 years of history which began at the end of the 11th Century and runs right the way through the tumultuous course of English history. Whilst exploring the splendidly furnished room of Arundel Castle you’ll bump into a whole host of treasures including possessions of Mary Queen of Scots and a huge collection of paintings, furniture and other such relics.