Conference 2014 Field Trips

Under the Conference theme of Sharing, Learning, Inspiring, the local AONB Partnerships and National Park Authorities have organised a day which will give delegates an opportunity to see a wide range of initiatives and projects.

It is hoped that the field trips will provoke a lively debate and an exchange of views. These views will then be summarised and a resulting paper will be included with post-conference papers, which will be uploaded to this website.

Field Trip 1: Wildlife, wood fuel and nature tourism in Arnside & Silverdale

Protected Landscape: Arnside and Silverdale AONB
Leader: Lucy Baron
Description: This trip will give delegates the opportunity to see the stunning limestone landscape of Arnside and Silverdale AONB, discover some amazing wildlife and meet some of our local heroes along the way. We’ll see the real difference that large-scale, externally funded projects such as the Nature Improvement Area (NIA) and HLF Hide and Seek are making to the management of the area for wildlife and recreation.
Themes to be discussed:
  • Enjoying/understanding protected landscapes and Sustainable Tourism – improving visitor experience at Leighton Moss and managing landscape for wildlife and recreation
  • Biodiversity – Nature Improvement Area, woodland management for wildlife and wood fuel, social forestry and wetland restoration
  • Historic Environment – conserving and celebrating the historic environment with the limestone heritage project and rural skills
Further details: Tel: 01524 761034

Field Trip 2a: Bowland Moorland SafariField trip list

Protected Landscape: Forest of Bowland AONB
Leader: Tarja Wilson
Description: This trip will give delegates the opportunity to take an off-road journey across the moorland fells to view peatland restoration projects, try out a Tramper and visit a number of sustainable tourism businesses who have been working closely with the AONB Partnership.
Themes to be discussed:
  • Enjoying/understanding protected landscapes – Trampers for people with limited mobility and creating a trail for users across challenging terrain. Access issues on the fells
  • Sustainable Tourism – management of sustainable accommodation for visitors, and incorporation of the AONB’s rich biodiversity as part of a tourism offer
  • Biodiversity – restoring peatland and upland hay meadows
Further details: Tel: 01200 448000

Field Trip 2b: Superfast Bowland Field trip list

Protected Landscape: Forest of Bowland AONB
Leader: Hetty Byrne
Description: This trip will give the opportunity for delegates to take a cycle trip with a difference through the secret lanes and meadows lying between the Forest of Bowland AONB and the Yorkshire Dales National Park, meet a community broadband group and sustainable tourism operators, and view biodiversity projects where partnership working is really making a difference.
Themes to be discussed:
  • SDF – meeting the community broadband company
  • Sustainable Tourism – cycling along the Way of the Roses, visiting sustainable tourism businesses
  • Biodiversity – working with partnerships developing biodiversity projects
Further details: Tel: 01200 448000

Field Trip 3: Ullswater Valley Planning Field trip list

Protected Landscapes: Lake District National Park
Leader: Rec Cathey, LDNPA Park Management Ranger
Description: Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Lake District’s second largest lake, this trip will allow delegates to focus on Ullswater Valley Planning; a Lake District National Park Partnership priority project that has been underway in the Valley since 2012. The project has successfully brought local people and agencies together to define the economic, environmental and cultural future of the Valley and its significance to World Heritage.
Themes to be discussed:
  • Enjoying/understanding protected landscapes – Valley Planning, community engagement best practice. Aira Force Visitor services provision and Access
  • Historic Environment – Greenside Mine
  • Sustainable tourism – Ullswater Visitor Giving
  • Biodiversity and Agri-environment – Glencoyne Farm and Park
Further details: Tel: 01768 871407

Field Trip 4: Nature, History and Tourism in the Three ValleysField trip list

Protected Landscape: North Pennines AONB
Leader: Chris Woodley Stewart, North Pennines AONB Director
Description: Exploring Alston Moor and the Allen Valleys, this trip will allow delegates to visit the best preserved Roman Fort in the Empire, flatten out the North Pennine hills using electric bikes, get down amongst the grass with the WildWatch project, and see some long-running landscape-scale conservation work and the latest North Pennines AONB HLF Landscape Partnership, with its tourism, biodiversity and historic environment focus.
Themes to be discussed:
  • Sustainable Tourism – establishing community tourism businesses / bike hire
  • Biodiversity – Citizen science, training and wildlife recording
  • Historic Environment – conserving and enhancing historic environment at Epiacum Roman Fort
  • HLF Landscape Partnership schemes with tourism, conservation, community and interpretation angles
Further details: Tel: 01388 528801

Field Trip 5: Inspirational Solway (a shared responsibility for a very special place)Field trip list

Protected Landscape: Solway Coast AONB
Leader: Brian Irving, Solway Coast AONB Manager
Description: This trip will give delegates a tour of the Solway Coast landscape looking at the AONB coastline, heritage, wildlife, interpretation and communities.        The morning and early afternoon trip will look at developments created through the Solway Wetlands Project and links landscape, landforms and history. To present this we will follow a visitor / education network.
Themes to be discussed:
  • Sustainable Tourism – improved learning a visitor provision at Solway Wetlands Centre and Holme Cultram Abbey
  • Collaborative Working – working with multiple partner organisations in the delivery of the management plan for the AONB
  • Enjoying/understanding protected landscapes – developing a sense of place through brand identity, access, interpretation and signage
Further details: Tel: 01697 333055

Field Trip 6: Beauty and the Beast Field trip list

Protected Landscape: Yorkshire Dales National Park
Leader: Adrian Shepherd, Head of Land Management
Description: The trip will give delegates opportunities to look at the Ingleborough Dales Landscape Partnership, Catchment Sensitive farming implementation, The Pennine Bridleway, The Three Peak Project and sustainable tourism, Ingleborough complex SAC and its special geology, quarry restoration and using rail to transport the products and the Settle Carlisle railway as a tourist attraction.
Themes to be discussed:
  • Sustainable Tourism – The Friends of Settle Carlisle railway and guided walks linked to the line and stations. The Pennine Bridleway and Dales Tourism Network.
  • Biodiversity – Ingleborough complex calcareous grasslands, upland ash woodland and raised bogs
  • Historic Environment – Barns and walls, Stories in Stone, the Ingleborough Dales Landscape Project
  • Enjoying/understanding protected landscapes – Three Peaks project working with users and local businesses to sustain the route
Further details: Tel: 01756 751609