The Monument Management Scheme – Bowland Award Nominee

The Monument Management Scheme is a 4-year partnership project utilising the Howardian Hills AONB Team staff, volunteers and contractors to manage Scheduled Monuments to remove them from Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register.

Historic England funding has bought capacity within the existing AONB Team, to organise volunteers to survey and assess sites. Management work is then agreed and implemented by either contractors or volunteers (often working alongside contractors or with a social enterprise group). 75 of the 79 Scheduled Monuments in the AONB have been surveyed, and by the end of Year Two significant management work had started on 39 sites (30% more than the original target).

After years of neglect and decline, the Condition of nearly 50% of the Scheduled Monuments in the AONB has already been directly improved.
For this very small AONB Team, obtaining direct funding for core staff to deliver the MMS project has been a major achievement.


The Bowland Award

The Bowland Award, a hen harrier sculpture in bronze, is awarded annually for the best project, best practice or outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Award is one of our ways of acknowledging the tireless work of people who contribute to making the UK’s AONBs wonderful places to visit, live and work in. Each year we look for a person or a group of people for whom sharing, learning, inspiring is a way of life and who have made an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of AONBs.

Read more about this years Nominees in full detail here >

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