See, Prepare, Commit – Andy Middleton, TYF

Andy Middleton, CEO at TYF spoke at the conference. The TYF Group aims are to: “We create life changing adventures with a light touch on nature, focus young people’s sight & skills for the future and help organisations with innovation & sustainability. We play for the planet.”

His talk focussed on these key points:

See – Choose your focus.

  • TYF Adventure: the dating agency for nature
  • Things ain’t good in the ‘hood.
  • £1.4bn / 2025 £10m in 2017 (insect food industry)
  • Impossible (‘meat’ burger made only from vegetarian produce)
  • Radical Optimisation
  • Budget for 500,000 Paul Cripps, Amazonas Explorer
  • There are Approximately 125,000,000 businesses in the world* Can we inspire billions of people to support business for good? To see a viable alternative To align their purchases, investments, and employment decisions with their values To learn how to use business as a force for good *Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016 87% of millennials believe that the success of a business is about more than financial performance


  • Rules Reality Performance
  • Bold attracts
  • knowledge, curiosity, skills, confidence
  • build together
  • Re-boot volunteering
  • 100% invested in the future
  • 19. 6 million & counting: what’s your brief?


  • “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R Buckminster Fuller
  • Find Interdependence: what could you deliver if you acted with one bold voice?
  • Inspire others | Network | Act fast
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