Do Different Briefing – Inclusive landscapes, reconnecting people to the landscape

Want to widen your visitor profile and more accurately reflect the people and communities who live in and visit your AONB?
This session focussed on making your landscape more relevant and sustainable by actively involving a broader range of people to love, enjoy and value it.
Led by HLF’s Drew Bennellick, Head of Landscape and Natural Heritage and Liz Ellis Policy Advisor Communities and Diversity, this session provided examples of popular, successful ways to actively involve a wider range of people by using examples from both within and without the landscape world.
Using MENE and Sensory Trust research, aligning with Defra 25-Year Plan ambitions and HLF funding priorities, Drew and Liz will shared ambitious, nationwide good practice in building inclusion into your visitor, staff and volunteer profiles.
Reflecting contemporary UK life, these practices actively involve a broad and diverse range of people, thus making our landscapes more relevant to people from all backgrounds.
Opportunities for questions and discussion focussed on practical next steps in partnership working to make your site more sustainable and inclusive.

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Summary of what participants took away from the session:
Participants gained knowledge on HLF funded projects with strong people and communities outcomes. Recognising the potential for interdisciplinary partnerships were discussed. Participants had the opportunity to share existing and future engagement plans to gain feedback and peer support in making AONB landscapes more sustainable and inclusive.

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