Do Different Briefing – Communities of Practice

The Briefing explored the development of the NAAONB as a ‘community of practice’ a network of people passionate about protecting our areas of outstanding natural beauty. We will explore what a CoP is, and using an approach called ‘Appreciate Inquiry’ will identify the strengths of the AONB Family including the NAAONB, identify opportunities and through group participation craft an agenda of action based on impact and ease of implementation, to move the community forward.

The workshop delivered by Dr Tammi Sinha, Senior Lecturer Operations and Project Management, Academic Project Manager Continuous Improvement Unit at Univeristy of Winchester explored the challenges and opportunities to promote organisational excellence and quality across the network and Community of Practice.  Approaches used in leading organisations, when tackling change, such as John Kotters approach which incorporates building a sense of urgency, gathering our community, communicating our priorities and building on beneficial changes were explored.

Delegates were able to brainstorm ideas for moving forward and using tools such as the Business Model Canvas, were able to create an agenda for change and development. Key words were DISCOVER, DREAM, DESIGN & DESTINY.

Summary of what participants took away from the briefing

Participants were led through the development of a Community of Practice, gained experience of new tools such as Appreciate Inquiry and the application of the business model canvas. The outcome of the workshop was a structured list assessed for impact and ease of implementation, to provide an actionable agenda and ideas which has been created by colleagues.




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