Coastal Creatures – Bowland Award Nominee

Coastal Creatures is a 2 year, externally funded project within the North Devon AONB providing an experienced and knowledgeable ‘education and interpretation’ officer. It was developed by the AONB Manager to broaden the engagement and reach of the AONB with communities within its boundaries, in the adjacent areas and with experts and enthusiasts from SW England. The project’s basis is the coastal wildlife of the AONB, making it accessible to residents, visitors and experts through a wide range of citizen science activities.

This project has been nominated as an illustration of outstanding partnership work between an AONB project officer (Cat Oliver), a community organisation of volunteers (Coastwise North Devon), a primary school (Combe Martin Sea School) and a community of beach care groups. Their achievement has been to reach new audiences for the AONB (schools, colleges, community groups, wildlife and marine experts) through citizen science, training, coastal experiences and beach cleans.

The Bowland Award

The Bowland Award, a hen harrier sculpture in bronze, is awarded annually for the best project, best practice or outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Award is one of our ways of acknowledging the tireless work of people who contribute to making the UK’s AONBs wonderful places to visit, live and work in. Each year we look for a person or a group of people for whom sharing, learning, inspiring is a way of life and who have made an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of AONBs.

Read more about this years Nominees in full detail here >

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