Briefing – Working with Geodiversity

This briefing looked at some of the many different ways we can work on the theme of geodiversity – etc – to help people to understand and enjoy their local landscape and natural heritage. In the North Pennines AONB, also a UNESCO Global Geopark, the team has had a strong focus on geodiversity work for over ten years and has significant experience to share about how to make the most of this often overlooked aspect of our heritage, and one which is intimately linked to landscape.

Using examples from the North Pennines and other UNESCO Global Geoparks, they looked at geodiversity auditing and action planning, interpretation, education programmes and how to give a geological twist to other aspects of work in AONBs. They also touched on the North Pennines’ designation as a UNESCO Global Geopark and highlight the potential for other AONBs to eventually go down this route to further recognition.

The Briefing provided participants with a greater understanding of:

  • the value of geodiversity audits and actions plans
  • how to bring geodiversity more into programmes of interpretation, education and conservation
  • what the UNESCO Global Geopark designation is and the potential for other AONBs to pursue it (and the time and effort involved)
  • sources of help and support

Briefing Speaker: Chris Woodley-Stewart, North Pennines AONB Partnership

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