Briefing – Management Plan Reviews – the new context

Much has changed in the past 5 years since the 2012 Management Plan Advice Note was prepared. The NAAONB has moved to provide the updated England context document which can help with plan reviews. This will enable precious resources to be concentrated where issues and drivers have changed. This session explored that context and aim to answer questions about how it may be used. 

Within the document references for relevant documents with URLs and some set text will help to provide accessible information on forces for change, issues and opportunities. This should save a great deal of time in the drafting process and be a useful aide memoire to recent changes e.g. renewables policy. The importance of Environmental Outcome monitoring will also be flagged given the trend information which is available for the last plan period. Finally, a series of key references dating back over 20-30 years has been developed so these are brought together as a library.

  • Participants will be more confident about management plan reviews
  • AONB partnerships will be better able to share stock text covering national issues in management plans
  • Enthusiasm to use the monitoring of environmental outcomes and condition trends in the review process
  • Confidence that issues and common opportunities which need to be pursued to shape plan reviews have been raised

Briefing Speaker: Steve Preston, Steve Preston Associates




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