Briefing – Life Cycles and Landscapes

The briefing explored in detail about the practicalities of embarking on the Life Cycles and Landscapes project and a recent trip that was made to the Netherlands to meet the Dutch festival partners Oerol. Activate approached Oerol to work with them because they have been working with artists in the landscape for over 25 Years, both in performing arts and more recently installation/visual arts, and they are now deeply embedded in the stewardship of their island of Terschelling. As a result of their artistic activity, they now produce the environmental audit for the island’s council.

Dorset AONB, the Norfolk Coast Partnership AONB and Activate Performing Arts shared  their experience of embarking on a partnership project focussed on art in the landscape and their work with artists And Now, and being inspired by Inside Out Dorset and Oerol Festivals. The briefing covered the motivations for the collaboration, expectations and what has been learnt to date. It looked at how the work can affect business, culture, people and wildlife in the AONBs and the wide variety of partners that will be involved across five different AONBs and in their different capacities.

  • How the partners expect the project to help business, culture, people and wildlife in AONBs
  • How a wide geographic partnership has come together – what it means strategically and what it means practically to work programmes
  • How to achieve objectives jointly and how overlapping and complementary aims help achieve more together than individually
  • How to play to experience and skill sets and the value of trust in the partnership
  • How resources were raised for the project and plans for raising further resources
  • How to raise the profile of the partnership work jointly.

Briefing Speakers: Tom Munro, Dorset AONB, Kate Wood, Activate Performing Arts and Lucy Galvin, Norfolk Coast AONB Partnership

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