Video – The Relevance of Natural Beauty to the Well-being of Future Generations – Chris Lea, Welsh Government

Chris LeaChris Lea of Welsh Government spoke at the conference on the relevance of natural beauty to the well-being of future generations. His talk included a background on designated landscapes in Wales, about Welsh legislation and what it is designed to achieve and the journey so far.

The designated landscapes in Wales comprise AONBS and National Parks and cover 25% of Wales.

He shared that designated landscapes provide a real opportunity to focus on the objectives of Welsh Cabinet, making a difference to tackling poverty, the economy, and health issues. We need innovation delivering and creating jobs and new approaches for nurturing entrepreneurs and providing local training and business development.

Chris concluded his talk saying that their aim is to work together in Wales, and internationally to secure opportunities for all, and to build a united, connected and sustainable country.
Designated landscapes are integral to Wales’s national identity. They have a new and emerging role to play in taking forward a dynamic vision for a sustainable Wales. By working together, our protected landscapes are pivotal in building a united, connected Wales where people want to live, work and visit.

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