Question & Answers Panel Debate

day three question panel

A ‘Question Time’ panel debate chaired by NAAONB’s Chris Woodley-Scott with Gavin Atkins (Mind), Hannah Elton-Wall (Artspace), Caroline Jessel (NHS England), Kate Wood (Activate) and Dr Denise Hewlett (University of Winchester).

Watch the video of the session below.

Questions included –

“How does the referral project work, and what facilities are on site to make it work well?”
Lucy Barron Arnside and Silverdale AONB

Do the panel have any ideas, suggestions and support we can look at to support our own health within our work programmes?
Helen Noble, Penine Prospects

If there was one thing you could do, what would it be for us to move from individual projects to be able to move to large scale programmes?
Paul Henley, National Parks England

How do you bridge between perception and reality?
Jane Davies, Cornwall AONB

Is there anything that public health or others are doing, that we can engage with about the effects of (artificial) lighting and its affect on health and how we can work with local authorities on this issue?
Henry Oliver, North Wessex Downs AONB

How we do go from such an excellent evidence and example base to get this out to the wider public?
Sue Holden, Chilterns AONB

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