Video – Philip Hygate, Chairman, NAAONB Opens the Conference 2016

Philip HygateAfter the Conference Opening Slide Show, Philip Hygate, Chairman, NAAONB welcomed delegates to the conference.

Philip shared that the theme of Landscapes for Life Conference 2016 is Sharing, Learning, Inspiring and it brings delegates together to discuss the case for natural beauty in relationship to the health and wellbeing of society.

“It is estimated that 50% of women and a third of men in the UK are compromising their health and life expectancy through a lack of physical activity, at a cost of £7.4bn per annum. Even more worryingly only 25% of girls and 32% of boys are meeting the recommended levels of exercise to maintain a healthy life.

It is further documented that sense of place, active and engaged cmmunities, access to really high quality green space, and tranquillity all tribute enormously to our mental health.

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as dynamic living landscapes, can provide or encourage all these.

At Landscapes for Life Conference 2016, we are linking organisations and individuals who share one of our key objectives – improving the health and wellbeing of society – and showing how collaborative working between people and organisations who care about our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty offers a wealth of opportunities for the UK’s health and wellbeing.”


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