National Grid, Visual Impact Provision – an introduction – Chris Baines, Chairman, Stakeholder Advisory Group

Chris Baines
Leading environmentalist and independent chair of National Grid’s Stakeholder Advisory Group, Chris Baines delivered a keynote speech at the conference detailing the project which has been developed in response to the £500 million allowance made available by Ofgem in March 2013, which applies to all electricity transmission owners across Great Britain.

In his role as chair of the Stakeholder Advisory Group, Baines is working alongside the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and organisations including the Campaign for National Parks, Campaign to Protect Rural England, Campaign to Protect Rural Wales, and the National Trust.

Together with some of the UK’s leading landscape consultants, the Stakeholder Advisory Group’s members will identify potential projects – both large and small – that can deliver the greatest visual mitigation of existing transmission lines.

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