Video – Collaboration on a local and national level – David Butterworth, Yorkshire Dales NPA

David-Butterworth-Landscapes-for-Life-Conference-2014David Butterworth, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority presented to the conference about local AONB and National Park collaboration and benefits of collaboration at a national level.

During his talk, David shares experiences on resources, opportunities, LEP’s and working together at a landscape scale; giving examples and approaches of partnership working with local aonb’s. in his presentation David asked ‘What can we offer each other?’
In the closing of Davids talk, his final personal summary points shared were that ‘Landscapes matter. Landscapes are valued; and protected areas are greatly valued by the public, even if at a point in time they might not seen to be valued by politicians.  We recognise we are custodians of this landscape even if only for a very short time; and we do have some obligation that when we pass it on to our children and grandchildren, when we pass it on to them that it is at least as good as we inherited it, and if at all possible, greatly enhanced.’

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